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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Blast From the Past

The Man.
    EvMick...a.k.a. Lobo...a.k.a LoboTruck (in the Old WW AOL days)....a grizzled old worn out fat man who has an attitude and knows how to use it.  Millions of miles in the drivers seat (at least two) and no end in site.  Could probably do other things but likes to drive.

The Machine
       The Truck ....Troglodyte...a 2000 model Kenworth W900B.  Over a million miles and still snarly.  Can out pull and out run half the new trucks on the road.  550 Kitty Cat (3406E...the last REAL engine) under the hood. An 18 speed transmission with 4.11 rears)...can only go 80 but can do that pulling a hundred grand load.
        The Trailer....the newbie of the team.  A 2008 XL 110 CHDG.   Two axle trailer with a two axle stinger coupled with a two axle jeep can haul fifty five tons in a twenty nine foot well.  Being the newbie it hasn't proven itself yet.  Thus no name.  XL's can be fairly good trailers or feces in the form of steel.  Depending on what day it was manufactured and how hung over the Iowegians that made it were.  Time will tell if it's "good iron" like the old Talbert (1990) baby beam was.

The Woman of my life in Austin Texas a.k.a.  Ground Control. The Bane of nefarious shippers and customers. The terror of rookie dispatchers.  Master of communications...her google-fu is high.  Can sniff out locations, routes and directions using various earthborne, airborne, satellite and cyber resources.  Master  of Permits and provision sheets. Former Pilot Car Driver. Former Texas Highway patrol. You do NOT want to get on her bad side.

The Cat    The cat?....yup the cat.  Bubba.  Texas Miniature Black Panther. (actually a Bombay House Cat)..The color of Anthracite coal (shiny black) with copper colored eyes......has an attitude to match his servant (worse actually)  and claws to enforce his attitude.  He's NOT afraid to use them.  Full name is Bubba Shadowalker.  Abreviated BS and he IS full of it.  Invisible in the dark, can teleport and read minds.  Other powers yet to be revealed.

The Mission.
         Hauling Iron.  Generally Cat.  Although Terex, Grove ,Manitowoc, Deere and others are not turned away.

Sunday, November 27, 2016


I've began to get annoyed with FaceBook. The latest, very hypocritical, Fake News scare is the last straw.  It's NOT that FaceBook and the rest of the MainStream News Media are against fake news...they've been doing it since forever.

Today, however, with blogs and social media it's become apparent that they are lying to us.  They don't like the competition and are attempting to put a stop to it.

The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits ....... abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, .....

Yeah But....

That would be inconvenient to them so they want to change it.

So...I'm not spending as much time on FaceBook as before.  

I've found a new thing.  It's the blockchain so it can NOT be censored. pays to blog.

However, there are rules. I'm weaning myself from FaceBook which I was on a LOT.  The rules of the game of Steemit are restrictive. 


I'll be spending more time here.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Steemit: A social Media Experiment.

Steemit: A Social Media Experiment.

Ya'll might have noticed that I haven't been on FaceBook too much lately, not near as much as I have been in the past. There are several reasons for this.

As you all know FaceBook is getting more and more dictatorial. I have some 'friends' who have laboriously built up a following of several THOUSAND with the expectations of using it for business purposes. In fact FaceBook promised as much.  Then..after all that work FaceBook says 'pay me'. Facebook 'throttled back' so that groups such as 'The Tenth AmendmentCenter' ( on FaceBook are only reaching about ten percent or less of those subscribed.

FaceBook is definitely Liberal and LeftLeaning. If you are not you suffer. Facebook has been caught with it's hand in the cookie jar a number of times.

And that's all right. ZukieBabie built it.  It belongs to him (and the shareholders)and he can do with it as he pleases. I don't know about ya'll though.  I'm getting pretty damn tired of being treated like a red headed step child. it happens I've discovered a thing.

It's called Steemit. ( 

In a lot of ways it's like FaceBook used to be in the early days. There are not many active users.10K maybe?  Perhaps 50K? Although the number of accounts is over 105K and rising, most of them are inactive. Doesn't matter to me.  I'm getting to know people here. I've found that it is MUCH more diverse than FaceBoook. I suspect that FaceBook (can't prove it, see no need too, just a feeling) keeps the herd separated into their own little pastures.  Easier to control perhaps?

Not Steemit. I've carried on conversations with people from every continent.  Want to know what it's really like in SAfrica, Venezula, Russia, England, Serbia, ...etc..etc...etc...?  I know a guy.

Steemit is open to everyone. It's a lot of fun.

Like everywhere else, there are Makers, Fakers and Takers. It doesn't take very long to sort them out. Steemit has an 'unfollow' function much like FaceBook, and a 'mute' which is much like FaceBook's block. It has one other thing though. It has the dreaded FLAG.

Think NUKE.

An armed society is a polite society. On Steemit everyone is armed with a flag.  If a steemer flags another steemer the one that get's Flag is 'greyed out'.  Kinda sorta.

There's this thing called "reputation". You can't buy a reputation, you have to earn it. Reputation is determined by a complex algorithm built into the system, among which are how many votes (similar to facebook 'likes') your post receive. Other variables include how many times you voted, how many times and how well received were your comments...and other things) might say. Survival of the fittest.

Yeah? So?

It's an experiment in FreeMarket Economics, something like an ecosystem.

In fact...Steemers acknowledge a hierachy akin to sea mammals. The new entries are give $2.50 Steem Dollars when they sign up (more on that later) and have a reputation of 25 (gotta start somewhere).

It takes a while  writing posts to increase that reputation. Every post you make earns votes (or not) depending on how well everyone else likes them.  To begin with you only get 1/1000's of steem if anything. (think of it as playing poker with tooth picks). Eventually the toothpicks add up and you get more SteemPower. (hokey name right?  think of it as a game) Your reputation also increases fractionally.

Low reputation, low steem power, " just off the boat" are plankton. Then as you grow you become Krill, Minnows, various types of fish, then sea mammals.  Dolphins, Orca's and Whales.

Just so you know. Whales have REAL power.  A flag from a whale can smush you like a bug. Whales are the founders and investors. Between them they have invested literally millions of real dollars. (at one time the market cap was half a billion)

But forget all of that. 

Think FaceBook when it was young.  If youre tired of the way FaceBook is now...come join the fun on Steemit.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Today...I will be a cat.

Today I’ll Be  A CAT

And  I’m awake.

Damn that was a good dream.  I really, really, didn't want to leave it.  I mean That readhead...and the jiggle.  Oh yessss.  The Jiggle.  Gawd!  

Oh.  Well.  

I’m awake.  Might as well make the most of it. Time for coffee.

Viewpoint coalesces to the inside a coffee house...A Large mug of coffee being drank and large screen tablet  style computer being viewed. Caffeine infuses into the bloodstream, level of alertness increases...the dream last jiggle slowly vanishes…..

Has anything of interest happened while I was asleep that I need to concern myself with?  Let’s see.  

A  window opens on the Tablet.  Stories from a multitude of Blogs, News Services, Info Raiders, DataMiners,  even FascistBook (yes...he plays in that sandbox) and various other information sources present themselves in order of pre-programmed interest.

Nope, nada, zilch.  Nothing has changed much since yesterday except for the date.  

GroundSide news is checked….

Hmmmmmm….I’ll be damned.  The Middle East is still there.  Still. Gotta give them Jews credit for being patient.  They’ve not blown their nasty neighbors to sub atomic particles...yet. It’s hard to imagine how they restrain themselves.

Economic news...A program is run stripping all the fluff and showing bare bones facts.  The facts are correlated with other facts.  Charts are drawn and summarized..  The results are the same as they have been for two hundred years..

The Standard of living is up. People are living longer, healthier safer lives.  Population is stabilizing.  The Rich are getting richer, the middle class are getting richer, the poor are getting richer. Still.

Real wealth is increasing.   The rate of technological change is increasing .it’s almost gone asymptotic.  Gee..big surprise.  

And yet...and yet...everyone is whining like it’s the end of the world.

Does anyone pay attention?

Technical news is surveyed...some days it’s the good stuff and he saves it for towards the last.  Best to have a positive attitude when  starting the day.

It’s been a bunch of years since they discovered the Higgs Boson and what have they done with that knowledge?  Not a damn thing…..

………..AirCars…<yawn>  old news.  Once everything was fully automated all the “fun” went away.  Forty thousand annual highway deaths went away also  so they shouldn’t complain.  

……….on the positive and development of Utility Fog is ongoing...I wonder how big those foglets can be and still be useful?  Small enough to float on air I would suspect. Would they be useful in micro-gee?  Seems like.

Hmmmmmmmm….level one AI is at a roadblock… it might never fly...well damn..

………..genetic engineering is humming right along YES! . More GMO’s.  

And finally...the most interesting for last...

Let’s see how all my Webcomics are doing….hmmmmmmmmmmm

A number of web comics are viewed...some new ones are added...old ones lose their appeal and are discarded...some simply quit publication.

Ah that first pot of coffee is the best. I think I’ll eat something.  What will it be?  Yes!..JUST the thing.  I think I’ll be a cat for a while. I’ll hunt my breakfast today.

Window on tablet computer opens with menu of cats.

I see a  decent variety of cats.  There are  Egyptian Maus, Bombays, Nebelungs, Serengetis, and even some exotics.  There are also the native Texas cats, cougars, bobcats, jaguar and even a jaguarundi. Oh look! There’s an import...a caracal.

That settles it.  I’ll have Pheasant for breakfast.

Personna and viewpoint merge to that of a caracal male. Now viewing the world from the viewpoint of a medium size cat.

Ok...I’ll admit it.  I’m a killer.  I like to KILL.  I’m not much of a hunter though. Hunting is work.  Hunting is time consuming.  Lucky for me that can be fixed….let’s see.

A heads up display appears in the cat’s vision.  An area scan is displayed.  Quail, rabbits, deer, wild cattle...they all appear on the scan .  It takes but a minute  however and  Pheasants are identified and located , the cat vectors toward them.

AH!  Just what I want.  A nice plump male. I’m feeling hungry today...a female would be too small.

The Caracal Tom carefully stalks the Pheasant Cock .  The cat gets closer and closer.  The bird turns to stare in the direction of the creeping cat and the cat freezes. The bird is not great at pattern recognition and mostly see doesn’t see the cat.  Shortly the bird looks away and the cat continues to move closer.  Soon only yards separate the two.  Something spooks the bird and it launches...wings blurr as the bird claws  franticly for altitude. There are other claws in it’s brief future.

The cat also moves in a blur.  One  short bound and then a prodigious leap. The cat also launches. It surges ten foot or more into the air and snags the unlucky bird...they both fall to the ground, twisting on the way down.  The cat, naturally, lands on it’s feet.  The bird is lunch.

In the control center  liquid food courses thru tubes. The brain   is fed . He is unaware and unconscious of the actual method in which he is fed.    From his (virtual)  viewpoint he is enjoying warm, bloody pheasant.  He spits a feather or two out but crunches the bones.  Nourishment requirements are met.  Various bio-indicators stabilize at optimum. The man and the cat are satiated, in other words the man FEELS like he has a full belly.

Ah...that was good. Huh!   I think I’ll take a nap.  Let’s see...a want a patch of the ground would be nice.

A nearby tree is scrutinized.   A  nice firm horizontal branch is located.  The cat easily makes the leap.  It stretches out on the branch and naps..

An hour or so later the man arouses.  The cat’s still out of it.  Individual cats sleep eighteen to twenty hours a day.  Not so men.  The man decides to choose another cat.  He once more accesses the virtual window and makes a selection of nearby cyber cats...

I’ll choose that Bombay..

SQUIRREL!  The coal black bombay spots the brown squirrel and gives chase.  The feline bounds across the grass right behind the frantically running  rodent.

Heh! Almost got it.  There it goes.  TREE!!

 The rodent hits the trunk at a dead run and spirals up the tree.  The cat is right behind it, snapping at the rodent’s tail, having fun. Not hungry...playing with it’s ‘food”.   The rodent claws for altitude and seeks the small branches and twigs at the very crown of the trees.  The  heavier cat is thus defeated.

Ohhh...this is scary.  The twigs and branches are bending under my weight and the wind is blowwwwwing….ooooh…

The cat can’t maneuver through the small limbs of the upper canopy  as well as the squirrel...and thus the squirrel survives another day.

Damn Tree Rat...heh.  I guess it got away from me.  Again.

The Bombay finds a horizontal limb and  lays on it...he stretches out in the sun. The man’s metabolism has been stimulated just as if  he had been doing exercise.

That was good.  A little news, a little  breakfast, a nap and a little exercise..  Now I think I’ll do a movie.  Let’s see….which one, which one.  There’s only about a million.  Do I want to be a male or a female hero today..or maybe a villain?  hmmm.

I think I’ll be Rhett Butler in “Gone With the Wind”...........

ViewPoint shift….male human in antebellum South.  The War Of Northern Aggression is beginning……….an enjoyable  few hours of subjective time passes…High Five .(Holistically Integrated Graphically Haptic Full Immersion Virtual Entertainment)
...can last as long or be as  brief as desired.  Episodes and adventures can extend from a couple of hours to permanent engagement.  Some of the residents of the Rest Home are permanently engaged. He decided to just use the afternoon. .  Being Rhett Butler to Scarlett O’hara was lots of fun

“..........Frankly my dear...I don’t give a damn…”

………...but enough was enough. Moment’s later it was over

It’s five o’clock somewhere.  Lemme see.  

“dials” phone.

“Yo.  George...whatcha got going? “

“Nothing?  Me neither.  Want to go for a ride?  We can stop at Sarah’s Diner.  Swell.  How bout the other two old coots?  Great.  I’ll be over in two shakes of a lambs tail.  Seeya.”

And the viewpoint he’s a burly bearded biker on a harley. Wind is blowing through his long hair as he rolls down a path and pull up in front of  a church.  It’s a Catholic Church and a Priest walks out.

How may I help you my son” intones the priest.

Cut the crap Charlie, get your scooter and let’s ride”...I say then
<ping!  Ping!  PING!>

Oh shit.  “Sorry Charlie.  A prior appointment I forgot about.  I gotta go.  Some other time” and I vanish.

Poor protocol that.  One does not just ride into Mordor...and then vanish.  But I’m in a hurry.

The bombay cat, on the tree branch overhanging the front sidewalk, opens it’s eyes from it’s nap.  It stretches as cats are wont to do. Below him an autonomous vehicle stops at the curb.  Numerous people disembark.  Many of them children.

Dammit Boy….they’re visiting in real life today.  And they're almost here NOW. Must be something special…I wonder what it is?

The doors as they reach it and  his words  speak from the PA.

Come on in right with you.  Sit down and make yourself comfortable.

The older ones herd the younger ones into the ‘living room’.  They politely arrange themselves among the several chairs  facing one wall.  That side of the room seems a bit foggy for some reason.  An, but not too old, man walks thru the door,using a cane.  He sits on a chair and faces the group of his progeny.

They all break into song, the little rats had planned this.

“Happy Birth day to you.
Happy Birth day to you.
Happy Birth day dear Gran Pa.
Happy Birth Day to You.”

Side doors open and autonomous trolleys roll in.  Robot arms serve cake and ice cream to all the corporeal beings.  The same thing happens on his side of the room too.  The rascals had co-opted management. Pretty cool.

So he had cake and ice cream with his progeny. For the next few hours they have a pleasant visit.  Stories are told and each catches up with how the other is doing. Then it’s time to go.

One of my little ones...a toddler...runs toward me. “granpa granpa...I want a hug”...and runs right thru me. Sad to say but holograms projected on mist have little meat to them.

I look at my great grand son and shrug.  “Sorry Filbert.  I’m kinda thin today. ”.

He laughed at my joke.
That’s ok Granpa..I’ll explain it to her on the way home he picked up the confused little girl.

We have to go now...see you later”.

They left.  That had been  nice.  He wondered how his great great great (or something) grandson would break the news to his great, great , great (or something, sheesh) grand daughter.   

I’d been in that HIGH FIVE facility for old folks for a hundred years now...heh heh.  Best move I ever made. It beats tottering around on a cane and wearing a diaper, at my age.  I could care less that my organic body is actually in a big drawer with tube and wires stuck to it.  As far as I’m concerned I have more freedom now that normal people.

The  two hundred year old man’s “soul’ flashed back  to Mordor to complete his motorcycle ride.

Come on Charlie. Get your ass in gear and let’s RIDE!!”


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Work In Progress.

Tentative Title : SoulStone

Ancient of Days

In the EARLIEST of the most ANCIENT of the AGE before humans very existence…

….there was a class, a group, an assemblage of augmentation devices, of unknown origin.

Their function was to augment minds. They amplified the intellect.  They increased intelligence. They were SoulStones.

In the early the ANCIENT of the AGES before human existence,............

Pterosaurs appeared suddenly in the fossil record ...from out of nowhere.  There is no clue, no hint of their prior evolution.

For one hundred and sixty million years the pterosaurs ruled the skies. One of the races of pterosaur were melded to SoulStones. The SoulStone was their third eye. They built a civilization that floated in the sky. In these earliest of times there were pterosaur cloud cities drifting  in the air above Pangea and  the Panthalassa world ocean.

For millions of years they were borne by the winds as the surface changed below them. Pangea  became  Gondwana, LaurAsia and Cong-Craton all of which later split, collided and reformed into different configurations. The oceans also changed.  Panthalassa became then the Iapetus Ocean, the Paleo Asian Ocean and the Tethys Sea.

Life below on the land and in the water changed.  Flowering plants appeared as did new forms of insects. Ants, butterflies, Aphids, grasshoppers and wasps arrived on the scene.  Mammals began scampering across the land and two new flyers took to the air.  Birds and Bats joined the Pterosaurs and Insects in flight.

The Pterosaurs oversaw them all.

In the early the ANCIENT of the AGE before human existence. was bathed in a terrible light. It passed through the beam  of a Stellar Jet and 85% of all life perished. The Dinosaurs all expired , the pterosaurs made their last flights and their cloud cities vanished. The SoulStones were EMPed into deactivation.

They went to sleep.

In the early TIMES in the ANCIENT of days the AGE before human civilizations....

… was again illuminated  by the deadly rays of a Stellar Jet very briefly. The megafauna went extinct but few other animals died off.  A small group of SoulStones were EMPed into reactivation.  

They awoke.

In the early TIMES in the ANCIENT of days various AGES during the births of  the many early human civilizations.

A very few humans found SoulStones.  Mythology describes them as GODS.  The entire Mythological Pantheon from the Aesir to Zeus are partial and incomplete depictions of humans melded to SoulStones.  The technology of the day was insufficient. The purported deities had insufficient technological capability to exploit their knowledge windfall.  They were destroyed.  Embryonic  civilizations of mythological times, for  one reason or another,  perished one and all.   Some were overwhelmed by barbarians. Others such as Atlantis and Mu vanished due to mysterious causes.  

SoulStones were lost….again.

In the present Time, in the MODERN day ...during the birth of the Age of Information..

….a SoulStone and a human were united….