GreyBeard Dreaming

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Blast From the Past

The Man.
    EvMick...a.k.a. Lobo...a.k.a LoboTruck (in the Old WW AOL days)....a grizzled old worn out fat man who has an attitude and knows how to use it.  Millions of miles in the drivers seat (at least two) and no end in site.  Could probably do other things but likes to drive.

The Machine
       The Truck ....Troglodyte...a 2000 model Kenworth W900B.  Over a million miles and still snarly.  Can out pull and out run half the new trucks on the road.  550 Kitty Cat (3406E...the last REAL engine) under the hood. An 18 speed transmission with 4.11 rears)...can only go 80 but can do that pulling a hundred grand load.
        The Trailer....the newbie of the team.  A 2008 XL 110 CHDG.   Two axle trailer with a two axle stinger coupled with a two axle jeep can haul fifty five tons in a twenty nine foot well.  Being the newbie it hasn't proven itself yet.  Thus no name.  XL's can be fairly good trailers or feces in the form of steel.  Depending on what day it was manufactured and how hung over the Iowegians that made it were.  Time will tell if it's "good iron" like the old Talbert (1990) baby beam was.

The Woman of my life in Austin Texas a.k.a.  Ground Control. The Bane of nefarious shippers and customers. The terror of rookie dispatchers.  Master of communications...her google-fu is high.  Can sniff out locations, routes and directions using various earthborne, airborne, satellite and cyber resources.  Master  of Permits and provision sheets. Former Pilot Car Driver. Former Texas Highway patrol. You do NOT want to get on her bad side.

The Cat    The cat?....yup the cat.  Bubba.  Texas Miniature Black Panther. (actually a Bombay House Cat)..The color of Anthracite coal (shiny black) with copper colored eyes......has an attitude to match his servant (worse actually)  and claws to enforce his attitude.  He's NOT afraid to use them.  Full name is Bubba Shadowalker.  Abreviated BS and he IS full of it.  Invisible in the dark, can teleport and read minds.  Other powers yet to be revealed.

The Mission.
         Hauling Iron.  Generally Cat.  Although Terex, Grove ,Manitowoc, Deere and others are not turned away.