GreyBeard Dreaming

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Work In Progress.

Tentative Title : SoulStone

Ancient of Days

In the EARLIEST of the most ANCIENT of the AGE before humans very existence…

….there was a class, a group, an assemblage of augmentation devices, of unknown origin.

Their function was to augment minds. They amplified the intellect.  They increased intelligence. They were SoulStones.

In the early the ANCIENT of the AGES before human existence,............

Pterosaurs appeared suddenly in the fossil record ...from out of nowhere.  There is no clue, no hint of their prior evolution.

For one hundred and sixty million years the pterosaurs ruled the skies. One of the races of pterosaur were melded to SoulStones. The SoulStone was their third eye. They built a civilization that floated in the sky. In these earliest of times there were pterosaur cloud cities drifting  in the air above Pangea and  the Panthalassa world ocean.

For millions of years they were borne by the winds as the surface changed below them. Pangea  became  Gondwana, LaurAsia and Cong-Craton all of which later split, collided and reformed into different configurations. The oceans also changed.  Panthalassa became then the Iapetus Ocean, the Paleo Asian Ocean and the Tethys Sea.

Life below on the land and in the water changed.  Flowering plants appeared as did new forms of insects. Ants, butterflies, Aphids, grasshoppers and wasps arrived on the scene.  Mammals began scampering across the land and two new flyers took to the air.  Birds and Bats joined the Pterosaurs and Insects in flight.

The Pterosaurs oversaw them all.

In the early the ANCIENT of the AGE before human existence. was bathed in a terrible light. It passed through the beam  of a Stellar Jet and 85% of all life perished. The Dinosaurs all expired , the pterosaurs made their last flights and their cloud cities vanished. The SoulStones were EMPed into deactivation.

They went to sleep.

In the early TIMES in the ANCIENT of days the AGE before human civilizations....

… was again illuminated  by the deadly rays of a Stellar Jet very briefly. The megafauna went extinct but few other animals died off.  A small group of SoulStones were EMPed into reactivation.  

They awoke.

In the early TIMES in the ANCIENT of days various AGES during the births of  the many early human civilizations.

A very few humans found SoulStones.  Mythology describes them as GODS.  The entire Mythological Pantheon from the Aesir to Zeus are partial and incomplete depictions of humans melded to SoulStones.  The technology of the day was insufficient. The purported deities had insufficient technological capability to exploit their knowledge windfall.  They were destroyed.  Embryonic  civilizations of mythological times, for  one reason or another,  perished one and all.   Some were overwhelmed by barbarians. Others such as Atlantis and Mu vanished due to mysterious causes.  

SoulStones were lost….again.

In the present Time, in the MODERN day ...during the birth of the Age of Information..

….a SoulStone and a human were united….