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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You're arguing that no medical system elsewhere in the world is worth a damn and you don't know how bad US life expectancy is?

While I was  in an internet discussion earlier today the famous author, Daniel Keys Moran, chastised me by saying : You're arguing that no medical system elsewhere in the world is worth a damn and you don't know how bad the US life expectancy is?

Well no.  
    I wasn't arguing that "no medical system elsewhere in the world is worth a damn"..  I was arguing that our system  was better. I asserted that 'universal healthcare" wasn't doing so well in other countries that had tried it.

 That, however, wasn't what caused me to pause.  Misrepresenting your opponent is a standard Liberal tactic.  (Rule #2 Disqualify that Opinion and Rule #5, Make Shit Up of The Left Wing Internet Arguing Checklist ) Nope...what made me pause for a minute was the fact that he was correct.  I did NOT know how "bad" the US life expectancy was.

I do now.

Not too shabby actually.

According to the reference that Daniel so politely pointed out...the widely renowned and always accurate Wikipedia...dealing with  Global Life Expectancies.  ...the United States Ranks 33 out of 198.

That means 32 other nations' citizens can expect to live longer than we can.  How long?  awwwww

Japan has the longest life expectancy with that of a male being 79   as opposed to the United States where a male can expect to live to be...76...

OMG!!  That's a serious problem.  The difference in overall male life expectancy between the 33 leading countries is...3 years.

Some odd facts are evident though when delving deeper.  Japan has a homogenous population...that is it is MOSTLY populated by ethnic japanese.  The US is anything BUT.

Odd thing...when a Japanese lives in the US....ten years are ADDED.  Yup...the average life expectancy for an asian in the US varies from a low of 82 in Hawaii to 92 in Connecticut..with the average being 87.

Yup...Japanese (Asians) Live longer in the US than they do in Japan.

Why is it that when the  race that has the longest life expectancy on the planet, leaves their home country and moves to the US....their life expectancy increases by ten years.

If the US was bad shouldn't it be the opposite?