GreyBeard Dreaming

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Micro Fusion Reactor

" I asked Bast and she honestly tried to explain .  I lost her when she started into “ quantum ignition on the atomic scale catalyzed by micro venting of excess heat into Butcher wormholes via electron harvesting using  casimir enhanced thermo electric universe polarization”

To expand a bit. We live in a "Multi-verse".
This was first hinted at by the double double slit experiment

Now....think of an Onion as an analogy. There are layers and layers of the onion. Each layer is a complete universe with galaxies, star systems, planets and their own version of FaceBook. None of the universes are aware of the others at the macro level. Quantum experiments like the dual slit, mentioned above give hints.

The essence of science is to gather data, then make a guess as to what it all means.  

My guess is...

What's actually happening is that technological civilizations all over the place have found a way to vent unwanted components of their fusion reactions into other universe. They're dumping. They're using everwhere else as a waste dump. Not to worry though. The multi-verse is infinite and each dump is tiny and they're all spread out all over the place at random. But it adds up over time and that's what we get. So...some smart guys have conquered the energy shortage problem...AND the nuclear waste disposal problem also.