GreyBeard Dreaming

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Boy and his Beam.

I loved that trailer..

D-10 Cat Dozer 
(I think...might have been a 9...or 11)
(I forget)

I shoulda NOT got into anything bigger.  That trailer could haul damn near anything (that I needed to)..  and it was cool.

It's an old talbert beam.  And I mean OLD.  It was built back when they knew how and gave a damn about building trailers. 

It's a detachable goose neck, hydraulicly operated, beam.  Notice there IS no deck?  The load is sitting astraddle a four foot beam.  It's sitting on wood.  BIG wood.  Some of those oak blocks (2 ft x 2ft x 4 ft ) were damn heavy. I COULD lift one..but would rather not.

You learnt 'tricks' to moving heavy stuff like that around.

And I had heavy chains.  1/2 inchers.  

To move Iron you NEED iron...and I had it.

Too bad I wanted more...