GreyBeard Dreaming

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snippet...the CyberTrucker

Chapter 29: Back in Kentucky
WHAM!WHAM!WHAM!WHAM!  Someone was pounding on the door.
"open the door you bitch"  comes a voice from outside...
WHAM!WHAM!WHAM!WHAM!  She thought about calling 911, and picked up the dial tone.  This was a bad sign.  She went into the bedroom and got her shotgun and her cell phone.
WHAM!WHAM!WHAM!WHAM! Fingers fumbling she dialed 911....
About that time she heard the door being kicked in.  "where are you bitch"....approaching feet.
"911 what is your emergency..." began the operator....
No time to talk...she swung the shotgun to aim at the intruders...
Whack...BLAM!....someone kicked the shotgun to one side.  It went off.
Thud!  Someone knocked her down...she dropped the cell phone which slid under the bed. The 911 operator heard and recorded the following:
"Where is it Bitch"...a male voice snarled.
"I don't know what you're talking about" a female voice wailed.
"Where's the bike bitch, this isn't funny"...the male voice continued.
"I got rid of it..." female voice  " I couldn't bear the sight of it"
"YOU DID WHAT” screamed the male voice, very odd voice...not quite human sounding...terrifying.
"It was mine!"  said the female  " He left it to ME!  I could do with it as I pleased" < sobbing>.
"Where is it" the male voice asked again.
"I don't know! " female voice cried...
"Where is it" the male voice repeated, yet again
"I don't know I don't know...I guess you're just going to have to shoot me!" spat the female voice....defiant.
"No problem" said the voice..
“Wait…” cried the female “you’re not really…”
".BLAM!"..Gunshots rang out...and then again " BLAM!BLAM!"
THUMP!  As the body hit the floor...footstep of people walking out...
"ma''am...are you are right." said the 911 operator..."ma'am?"