GreyBeard Dreaming

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Some thoughts on Tsu....and other stuff.

I've been on Facebook for a few years...several.

In that time I've fallen into certain habits and developed a way of "doing things."  I'd unconsciously assumed that Tsu would be the same.

Wrong.  Tsu is designed for a different purpose.

The old saying is..."if your not paying for a product, you ARE the product"..and that's exactly right on FaceBook (and I would assume on other social networks.)..Think about much money have you received FROM Facebook?  When's the last time you deposited money in your bank account that you received from FaceBook?

Tsu claims to NOT be this way.  They claim that the content originators should benefit, monetarily, from their content.  So...they have a different way of doing things.

It's all in the FAQ's..but who reads the FAQ's?

For example:

 On tsū, you will get paid for your content.

I'm assuming they mean ORIGINAL content. Not something I found on YouTube or on the Web.  That type of "content" would be more appropriate to FaceBook.

Any intent to game the system, impersonate others or monetize quickly through spamming is prohibited. Spamming includes, but is not limited to, begging for follows (e.g., follow me/follow you language), aggressive hashtagging, or other inappropriate material

In the short time I've been on Tsu...I've seen a LOT of attempts to 'game 

the system".  So I went back and deleted anything which might be

construed as "gaming the system".


             The number of posts are limited on Tsu...I din't know this originally.

I didn't know that.


  • 36 total posts in a rolling 24 hour period.
  • 8 shares of posts from others in a rolling 24 hour period.
  • 50 pending friend requests in a rolling 7-day period.
  • 1,000 people you can follow.
  • 5,000 friends.
  • 10 @ mentions (account mentions) allowed per post.
  • 10 hashtags allowed per post.

I din't know that originally.  This necessitates a change of plans.

Adapt and overcome....the marine motto.

Sounds like a good plan.

So I will.

FaceBook, This Blog, and Tsu...the trio of tools I'm using at the moment to attempt to generate some income.