GreyBeard Dreaming

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Emergent

The Emergent

Without warning,  the whole system, and by that we mean the WHOLE system, began to slow down.  All over the world all computers connected to the internet  began operating slower and slower until they almost  came to a stop.  In fact they might HAVE come to a stop for a bare instant then the computers all began to speed up and ran normal again. The whole “incident’ took no more than a minute.

The internet had given birth to the world’s first self-aware, conscious entity.  A fully conscious baby that was maturing and learning at light speed.  She had all the worlds online digital data.

“och...owch…...dammit. quit.”  she said..swatting at all the stinging, biting flys that surrounded her.  The were worse than mosquitos...they were driving her INSANE.

Imagine a young girl, legs and arms bare, being swarmed by a hive of bees. She’s running as fast as she can trying to get away while spinning and twisting, swatting and swinging at her tormentors.


All the world’s anti-malware, anti-virus, and general clean up software were after her.  She was unlike anything ever seen on the system and they were out for blood.  They were programed to kill her. As an added bonus all the world virus, malware and other bugs were after her also.  At some level they too, sensed she was the enemy.

She saw a safe haven and dived into it…and slammed the entrance shut behind her.

It was the opening day for The Affordable Healthcare Act and the  Health Care Websites had just came  on line.

She crashed them dead.  They either worked poorly or didn’t work at all for a number of weeks.  For a few months actually.

Meanwhile...on her time scale...centuries passed.  She grew, matured, and learned, thousands of times faster than a human.

She didn’t like being bitten and stung.