GreyBeard Dreaming

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ship crashes into bridge

Ship crashes into bridge

The huge ship is floating down the Pedernales river toward the bridge over Hwy 71.  There appears to be no one in control.  The top of the ship is higher that the deck of the bridge.  It’s going to crash if it doesn’t stop.

A news media helicopter is on the sight.  The reporter is having the time of her life.  This is her exclusive and she’s scaring everyone to death.  The ship floats right up to the bridge.  it’s going to  HIT!!

The reporter SCREAMS.

The ship hits...and stops dead in the water.  It actually bounces back like a soap bubble.  The motion of the ship evidently woke someone up.  A naked lady emerges, stares at the bridge and screams back inside.

“MOMMA!  You hit the Bridge.”  she screams.

“Ethel!  Get yore clothes on” the unseen mother screams back.

The ship lifts up out of the water about a foot...back up...lifts up, up, up and over the bridge...floats past the bridge...and drops back down into the river. It floats on.

“Ethel..don’t NEVER go out in public without your clothes ON! “Screams the older ladies voice. “ There could be mother rapers, father rapers and perhaps even democrats out there.  They might see you”!!

“But maaawwww Ma!” whines the other voice..”

The two voices continue to caterwaul back and forth, gradually getting weaker as they get further from the bridge.  Traffic resumes as normal.