GreyBeard Dreaming

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Flash Fiction: Bank Heist

Bank Heist
The gang was nervous as they prepared for their first robbery.  They were going to be RICH.  They were going to rob a BANK. After that, just like in the 'gangsta' movies they'd be rolling in dough.  All the chicks would spread for them and they'd be top dog.
Bruce had scored some guns.  His old man was a collector and had an arsenal.  He was never going back home so when he split he took some rods with him.   He wasn't real sure what they were but they were guns.  He even had some ammunition.  He wasn't clear as to what KIND of ammo it was but hey...if his old man  could figure it out how hard could it be?
Him and his bros were gonna score tonight.
They divided up the guns.  
"These got any ammo in em" asked Sheldon, always belligerent.
"You dummy" sneered Harry.."don't you know nothing?"
"I got these things here..."said Bishop, the one who had scored the guns.
He handed out some magazines.  They each took one and begin inserting them in the pistols...except for Bruce. Try as he would Bruce couldn't get the .45 magazine to fit in the 9mm automatic.
"Must be broke" he muttered
"You got another gun? " he whined. All the other homies held their new toys protectively....nope...he wasn't getting one of theirs.
"All I got left is this" sneered Bishop.  He held out a HUGE pistol.  It was a  single action, .50  casull  revolver.
"Well at least  it's loaded" said Bruce dubiously " I know all about that kind of gun, I saw it on dirty Harry."
Harry looked at Bruce's gun with envy..but didn't' say anything.
Bruce cocked the huge hog leg and stuck it inside his pants.  The weight of the monster gun made his pants sag...more.
" My old man really likes it, I made sure to take it.  Piss him off." Said Bishop"
Thus armed they wrapped towels around their heads like they'd seen their hero's on TV do.  They looked just like the Muslim BrotherHood now..or the Palestinians...or the Black Muslims...or something.  They weren't real clear on names. Actually they weren't real all.  Who cared?  Just details.
Bruce had a little trouble seeing...  he'd completely covered his face and eyes....he finally got that figured out.  The others followed Bruce's example and stuck their guns in their belts or pockets out of sight and casually walked up to the door of the bank.  Just as they stepped inside they pulled the towels over their no one could identify them.  All that was visible were their eyes.
Except Bruce...he covered his eyes ....again...he couldn't see.  He stumbled in next to Bishop.
"This is  a stick up.."  shouted Sheldon.  "Everyone hit the deck, I mean  Hands up!!"...
Everyone in the store fell to the floor.  It was the only prudent thing to do when  masked men were waving guns. Except for Bruce. Bruce wasn't waving his gun.   Bruce's gun had  snagged in his pants....he was trying to drag it out..
"Where's the money" screamed Sheldon.  This wasn't going quite right.  Something was wrong..
About that time the door opened behind Harry,  and Bruce yanked a little bit too hard on his gun.
His cocked gun.    The .50 caliber cocked gun that was pointing at his cock about thern... went off.  Bruce lost what little manhood he had that day, along with his life. He fell to the floor  screaming and squirting blood.
Harry, Sheldon, and Bishop, hearing the gunshot , seeing Bruce fall to the floor is a spray of red and seeing the door open...aimed their weapons at the intruder and opened fire...
Except for Sheldon...his gun was on safety.
Harry and Bishop  sprayed about thirty shots at the intruder...they must have hit him because red liquid squirted everywhere..
Out  of ammo except for Sheldon, they stood , open mouthed, guns pointed at the intruder. Sheldon's gun  was still on safety but he was squeezing the trigger as hard as he could.  
The intruder was not amused.  He was an armed guard for the armored car outside.  As a courtesy his company was delivering some food to the FOOD BANK.  He'd just had a case of ketchup shot up in his arms.  The ketchup was ruined, his uniform was ruined and so was his disposition.  None of the pistol bullets had hit him.
Three towel heads were pointing pistols at him.He was a sandbox vet and had been in this situation before….it was nothing new.  He reacted now as he had reacted then.
Decisively. Swiftly. Lethally.
He dropped the ruined case of ketchup.  Before it had even hit the ground the the pump shot gun that he carried on a one point combat sling...was on
target one..
target two.
….so quickly that the first ejected shell casing was JUST hitting the floor as the sound of the last shot rang out.
Sheldon's gun was still on safety. It would remain so.