GreyBeard Dreaming

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Poem: A Rhapsody of Steele.

A Rhapsody of Steele.

Heavy Haul Does it with Chains.

The Chaining denotes an unheralded art form.  
The Binders...Ten thousand pound working load level...that denotes  seriousness.
And they be Ratchet Binders...not the deadly widowmakers...That denotes an eye to caution.
Note the Front and rear cross chains...this denotes adherence to the principle of straightforwardness...neither allowing leaning to right or left...and adds a touch of bravado...much like crossed bandoleers.
On each corner  there are Vee chains.. through D-rings...this denotes  awareness of acceleration..both front and rear…and negates it.
In the middle is a straight pull the antipathy of bumps.
All of these chains are half inch...of ten thousand pound WLL.
And yet..what of diversity?
Notice...on four quadrants between end and center are ⅜  inc chains...of the twenty foot length persuasion. Longer but less brawny.
What at first glance is just a in reality a Rhapsody of Steele.

Heavy Haul FlatBedders are sensitive guys and creative and up to the challenge...unlike Boxriders whose  main challenge is closing the door.