GreyBeard Dreaming

Sunday, November 16, 2014

I'm a Reader. I have been since I was a wee lad.

I'm a reader from childhood. VERY young child hood. When I was very young I contracted Rheumatic Fever. The doctor prescribed bed rest. I was banned to bed for months. I learned to detest TV and sought refuge in books.

I've never looked back.

In my life time i've purchased thousands of books...and read many more thousands. That was before the internet. Now I can do the same thing, faster and cheaper. Hardly a day goes by that I don't read several books or book equivalents.

So...since I've retired from being a trucker (25 years) I've decided to write.

my first publication didn't do so well...

.........but I've not given up.

Coming soon, (hopefully by Thanksgiving there will be more.

Many Worlds: The invasion of the SwineRats will be first..

or perhaps.

Private War....

ManyWorlds is a series...there will be several

debut price will be three dollah....