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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Notes on parallel universes.

Parallel Universes

Notes on parallel universes.

Suppose that the insufficient mass that's required by all the cosmological models but is not observed is just in the next 'room'.  That gravity can cross over and affect other universes.  if that's the case then all the galaxies, solar systems and planets would tend to 'line up' cross continuum.  that is a sun would occupy the same "space" as a sun in the other "space' because they attracted each other across the dimensional infinity.

However...nothing says that the parallel universes are identical.  They may be wildly different.  they might have different amounts of mass which is in different parts.  The movement of the cosmos may or may not bring the cross continuum bodies into congruence.  

Consider also the vast electric currents.  Suppose they too are cross continuum or perhaps when they cross- cross continuum (that is...on current in one universe intersects the same space that a current in another universe occupies) they 'fray' the fabric of space time.  The barrier between the two universes get's thin...and sometimes things slip over.

In fact it happens constantly at the quantum level...but the frequency decreases as the size increases.  Not so frequent at human scale...much less frequent at planetary scale.

But that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

Suppose cross continuum events were complicent in the Permian extinction....the origin of the moon?....the extinction of the dinosaurs.  (dinosaur age earth was's gravity was it x.  at some time earth's gravity attracted another body in an adjoining universe....the two then occupied the same space..but in different universes....the gravity added.  Suddenly' in evolutionary terms....earths gravity increased considerably.  Pterodactyls could no longer fly, The huge dinosaurs could no longer walk.

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